NEW for YOU. Community Clothing Swap on December 3rd

The beginning of the winter is a perfect time to look through our wardrobe and make that uneasy decision which of your autumn/winter sweaters, holiday’s dresses or tree pairs of warm knitted hats you got bored of. Of course there will be some items which haven’t worn for many years or some clothes which are still loved, but you can’t fit anymore (in physical or emotional way) and as always there will be some kind of clothing which you loved to have more.

Clothing Swap is the best sustainable solution to refresh our clothing variety! It is budget friendly and fun way to exchange your belongings. Nice chats, honest smiles and family stories shared with neighbours brings an extra value to this event. On December 3rd we are inviting all the community members to bring their “emotionally tired” clothes and exchange it for something “new for you”. It’s an enjoyable way to reduce the number of items from being sent to the landfill together.

Saturday from noon till 3 pm you are welcomed in Lupii café for December Clothing Swap. No entrance fee. No limitations on number of clothing. All the accessories, hats, bags, shoes and other type of clothes are allowed. The Only thing we ask for is items to be clean. After the event all remaining clothes will be donated for STUFF THE BUS clothing drive.

As always Lupii café will be serving delicious vegan food for symbolic $5 price. Thus after nice Clothing Swap you will have time for bowl of soup or cup of coffee/tea with our community members.

Drop by and find something NEW for YOU.



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