the lupiibox program is on hold until 2019

Introducing the lupiibox!

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The lupiibox is a weekly delivery of fruits, vegetables, soup / sauce / preserve (e.g. salsa, jam, jelly, marmalade) to your door (all food is vegan- no meat, egg, dairy or honey). At lupii cafe, we are able to source a wide range of fruit and vegetable seconds. Seconds are fruits and vegetables that are destined for the landfill because they may have a bruise, a blemish, be non-standard size/shape, or just past their expiry date, but are all totally safe, healthy and delicious to eat. At lupii cafe we strive for Zero waste and one of the ways in which we address this is by targetting food waste. Up to 40% of all food that is produced is thrown away and so much of it it perfectly good to eat.

You can order your lupiibox today. You can choose the 4, 8, 12 or 16 week option and we will ensure that your lupiibox is delivered to your door once a week.

What's in the box?

We are always getting different fruit and vegetables, so you probably won’t always get the same thing twice. However, the lupiibox will always contain a selection of fruit and vegetables, as well as two or three jars of something delicious and healthy made from the fruits and vegetables. For example: soup/smoothie/preserve (jelly, jam, or marmalade). Please let us know if you have any allergies and we will do our best to accommodate your needs – all food is vegan (no dairy, meat, eggs, honey). See our instagram page for examples of the lupiibox


What does it cost?

You can select 1, 2, 3 or 4 month options (4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, and 16 weeks). It gets cheaper if you order more boxes.

1 month - 4 weeks of boxes: $80 ($20 per box)

How do do I order the lupiibox?

You can place your order online in the form below and pay by credit card, or you can come into the store (7743 Champlain Crescent, Vancouver) to place your order. All deliveries will be scheduled for Saturday late afternoon each week (delivery times may vary slightly but we aim to have your lupiibox at your door between 4pm and 6pm). Orders placed by 10pm on Thursday will be delivered by the Saturday. Deliveries only within 2km of lupii cafe (or you can arrange to collect your order in store on Saturday or Sunday 11am - 2pm.

What if I only want one box per month?

For those people for whom a box per week may be too much, we recommend sharing your weekly box with friends/neighbours

Delivery: What if I am not at home?

If you are not home, we can leave the lupiibox at your house.

the lupiibox program is on hold until 2019